Kicks Condor: barnsworthburning

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Directories aren’t surging. There isn’t this nascent directory movement fomenting - ready to take on the world. Directories aren’t trending.

But there is a certainly really sweet little directory community now. From the Marijn-inspired stuff listed in Directory Uprising to the link-sharing ‘yesterweb’ collected around - or the originals at Indieseek and i.webthings.

Barnsworthburning (by Nick Trombley) is a very formidable addition to this community - a clean, multilayered design and an innovative bidirectional index.

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  2. ​Some Things: Laurel Schwulst​

Just want to say: HOLY SHIT I WAS LINKED BY THE KICKS CONDOR. And not just as a "here check out this cool link", but as a thoughtfully written review that describes much of this site better than I could myself.

This is a big deal for me.