1. What this site is

    A kind of commonplace book.
    A kind of digital garden.
    A kind of Zettelkasten.
    The front end to a brain.

    Part research,
    part dissertation,
    part art project.

    A kind of essay,
    in the sense that it is
    an attempt.

    ...but at what?

    1. ​What is a commonplace?​
    2. ​A Brief History of the Digital Garden​
    3. ​Zettelkasten​
    4. ​are.na​
    5. ​Highlighter​
    6. ​The Art of Looking Sideways​
    7. ​Reading Design​
    8. ​Essayer​
    9. ​Glasp​
    10. ​Maintenance and Care​